Tasting Notes- Lime, Green Strawberry, Peony, Dried Herbs, Saline

Synonyms- Chacolí, Txakoli, Hondarribi Beltza, Verde Matza

A super dry, acidic and spritzy white wine variety native to the beautiful Basque country of Spain. The first trades of this Txakoli date back to the 16th century were it thrived until a plague in the 19th century where it nearly died out. Thanks to the Basques, this wine managed to survive and is back now with three of its main production areas having received Denominacións de Origen (DOs). This grape is also called Hondarribi Beltza or Chacolí, depending where the vineyard is located.

This light, cold, unique, fruity variety is typically high in alcohol and it is best served cold alongside pintxos (Basque tapas) or perfect to enjoy with seafood and rare meats. Super easy to drink, you will be transported to Spain in a sip.