Terra Alta

Climate- Mediterranean/ Continental

Main Varietals- Grenache Blanc, Grenache (Garnacha), Macabeo, Parellada

In the native language, Catalan, Terra Alta literally means "High Land". It is located west of the province of Tarragona, Catalonia. The regions mountain peaks and high altitude is what gives it its name. Terra Alta is the most southerly Denominació d'Origen Protegida (DOP) wine region in Catalonia. It was recognised in 1972 and awarded its DO status in 1985. Viticulture here dates back to Ancient Roman times and still thrives till this day with its smaller producers dominating the scene. The long hot summers and cold winters means that both red and white varieties grow well here. It is was originally known for its white wines particularly an oxidised type called "amber blanc". Nowadays it's the white Grenacha variety that shines, with its citrus, peach, lemon notes with a chalky influence from Terra Alta's limestone soils.