Petit Verdot

Black Cherry, Plum, Violet, Lilac, Sage

Synonyms: Lambrusquet, Verdau, Verdot, Verdot Petit

Early budding, Late Ripening, Warm Climate

Literally translates as "little green one" because it struggles to ripen. This variety best thrives in warmer climates although struggles in Bordeaux, where it ironically originates. However once ripened, this variety is dark and rich in colour, highly tannic, often spicy with floral aromas. It can be found planted in Spain, France and Australia to name a few. Commonly found in Bordeaux blends, it can be found as single varietals in California, Spain and Australia where the climate is warm enough to fully ripen the grape. Its boldness matches well with bold foods so enjoy with rich meat dishes, hard cheese and roast lamb.

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