Climate- Cool Maritime

Main Varietals- Albariño, Mencía, Godello, Treixadura

Known as "green Spain" this wine growing region is tucked up in the northwest of Spain above its neighbour Portugal. Wine growing has been happening since the early 12th century, producing wines that have light, acidic, tarty, fruity characteristics.

There are five major wine regions of Galicia:

Rías Baíxas

Meaning "lower estuaries", this is one of the most well-known parts of Galicia. Containing its own five sub-regions; Val do Salnés, Ribeira do Ulla, Soutomaior, O Rosal and Condado do Tea. All these sub regions are prone to getting cool, wet, sunny maritime climate and the acidic soils make crisp, minerally wines. Albariño is the main variety of this appellation.


 Located on the northern banks of Miño River, Ribeiro is slightly warmer than Rías Baíxas with an Atlantic influence. This climate makes it ideal for white and red production. This appellations specialty is tarty Treixadura white wines, sweet Viño Tostado and tannic Caiño reds.

Ribeira Sacra 

Ribeira Sacra's vineyards resemble those of the northern Rhône Valley, dramatically growing on steep slopes. This spectacular part of the region is produces Godello, a white wine variety, and is also famously known for Mencía a red wine variety similar to Gamay. 


This "gateway to Galicia", is far inland and the easternmost part of the region. Some of its vineyards are grown at elevation these get plenty of rainfall. This appellation is known for its layered, medium bodied Godello white wines which have citrus, herbal and mineral notes.


Located on the Portuguese border in the south, Monterrei's climate is warmer and more continental than the other appellations of Galicia. This means all the wines tend to be more full-bodied, here quantity of production is low and the quality of wines is still up and coming, Mencía wines however is slowly making a name for itself