Chianti Classico

Violet, Spice, Cherry, Red Current, Roasted Tomato, Raspberry, Potpourri, Clay Pot

Chianti Classico DOCG wine comes from Tuscany in the heart of the Chianti region. For the wine to be Chianti Classico it must be 80% Sangiovese and 20% of other red grapes Colorino, Canaiolo Nero, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. These rules must be adhered too to ensure quality. Large oak casks are used to produce this wine. Tannins and structure develop over time, characteristics include ruby red colour, floral notes and dryness. Three tiers represent the quality in the appellation; Annata ages 12 months before release, Riserva must age 24 months and Gran Selezione must age for 30 months.

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