Mezcal of Durango Masterclass with Gianni Monti



Wednesday 25th August, 2021


6 pm - 7.30 pm

This is one event that Mezcal lovers (and aficionados) do not want to miss!

The setting of many classic Western movies, Durango feels familiar, with dusty roads and endless mountain scapes. The terrain is rough and scattered with giant nopales, yuccas and volcanic rock. The state is known for its wild and abundant Agave Durangensis, known locally as Cenizo (“ash”), and part of this agave's allure is its ability to create Mezcals that are never exact replicas of one another.

After overcoming significant challenges, Mezcal from Durango, is making its grand entrance onto the international stage, showcasing serious quality as well as new and exciting agave varieties. We're excited to be joined by Gianni Monti of Mextrade, who will be guiding you through a special tasting of these exquisite Mezcals, produced by some of Durango's smaller, most sought-after Vinateros.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Gianni has always been passionate about Mexican culture and has enthusiastically been educating and spreading the word throughout his decade here in Perth. Gianni takes pride in sharing his knowledge on Mexican gastronomy as well as the rich traditions of Mexican alcoholic beverages. He is the West Australian representative for Mextrade, a bespoke Mexican importer and distributor that was established in Australia 8 years ago. Mextrade’s mission is to bring in Mexican distillates of the highest quality and share the stories and knowledge of those who have been crafting these artisan spirits for generations.


Price Includes:

  • Cocktail on arrival
  • Colonial Dolores
  • Colonial Temoaya
  • Lágrimas de Dolores Joven
  • Lágrimas de Dolores Anejo
  • Corn chips with house-made guacamole and pico de gallo
  • House-made Tacos Laguneros
  • Access to pre-order extremely rare mezcal from wild Durango agaves, some of which there are only a couple of bottles that made it to Australia.


This will be a one-off masterclass, due to the limited production and availability of the featured mezcals.

Cancellations less than 48 hours before the class cannot be refunded.


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