LAS Vino Masterclass




Wednesday 2nd December, 2020


6pm - 7.30 pm

Get hands-on in this immersive masterclass with winemaker Nic Peterkin of L.A.S Vino! Join us on Wednesday, December 2nd for this playful and interactive session that combines tasting and crafting unique blends, as well being guided though Nic’s hand-picked selection from the L.A.S Vino range.

This one-off class will feature L.A.S Vino farmhouse cider, a preview tasting of the Australian Wild Ale Barrel #2 (not yet released), the famous L.A.S Vino Flower Ferments and a blending session of the 2020 Albino PNO.

This superb line-up will be complemented by our mouth-watering in-house Moreton Bay Bug brioche rolls.


Price Includes:


An intimate masterclass guided by winemaker Nic Peterkin

2019 L.A.S. Australian Wild Ale Barrel #2 (pre-release)

2019 L.A.S. Vintage farmhouse Cider

2019 L.A.S. Vino Flower ferments (not for sale)

2019 L.A.S. Vino Albino PNO 

2019 L.A.S. Vino Chardonnay

2017 L.A.S. Vino Chenin on Chardonnay 

Freshly made in-house Moreton Bay Bug brioche roll


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