La Garnacha Salvaje Del Moncayo











750 ml

Palate: Acidic, Soft Tannin, Red Berry Fruits, Juicy, Spice, Full Bodied

Nose: Wild Flowers, Red Fruits, Chocolate, Caramel, Herb, Spice

Pairings: Pastas, Vegetables, Roast Red Meats, Blue Cheese

Sallyanne's March Pick:

It wasn’t long ago that the world looked upon this widely planted grape with a collective meh. The European Union even encouraged the destruction of old Grenache vines. Thankfully one winemaker, Raúl Acha, was particularly bullish on this variety and set out to discover and protect old-vine Grenache vineyards across a swath of Northern Spain. This pursuit led to the Vintage label called Proyecto Garnachas de España. These grapes come from the high-altitude vineyard on the slopes of Mocayo Massif that create supple fruit with spicy character and rocket fuelled energy.  

La Garnacha Salvaje del Moncayo is a wine with amped-up levels of verve and fruit. Bold and juicy; succulent with red berry fruits, a hint of chocolate and subtle spice on the finish makes this full-bodied Grenache a decadent treat to be enjoyed when opened. Pairs well with chicken. If you feel like chicken. 



Grenache is believed to have originated from the Italian Island of Sardinia, but regions within Southern Rhone and Spain made the varietal famous around the world. Beyond Europe, the varietal is also quite popular here, specifically in areas like the Great Southern, McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley. Grenache is a go-to easy-drinking red best drunk youthful with ripe red fruit and spice, and is wonderful as an afternoon aperitif with a cheeseboard. The ripe fruit characters and brighter acidity also means these wines pair well with salads and Asian cuisine with a bit of spice.


Broader Spain

Sharing borders with Portugal in the south and France in the North, Spain is both culturally and topographically diverse. Spain is cool on the coast particularly due to the surrounding Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea and is warmer and more arid the more central you travel. There are 138 official wine designations in Spain and has the biggest vineyard surface in the world. There are seven major wine regions which are classed based in their particular microclimates and geography. Broader Spain can be said to include smaller producing regions such as Aragon, Basque Country, Rias Baixas, Murcia and the Canary Islands.