Chateau Montelena

Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon



Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc






750 ml

Palate: Soft, Ripe Plum, Espresso, Ginger, Dried Cherry, Tobacco

Nose: Raspberry Jam, Cocoa, Dried Fig, Baking Spices, Earth

Pairing: Steak with Red Wine Jus, Veal and Mushroom Sauce, Duck


Cabernet Sauvignon

With Bordeaux, France, as home, Cabernet Sauvignon has ties to some of the most prestigious, expensive and long-lived wines in the world. It’s full-bodied and has complex notes of black cherry, cassis, dried herbs and violet. The big and bold characters pair perfectly with steak and other rich meats. Although, as also the most planted varietal in the word, it has a plethora of expressions and is wonderfully dynamic.


Napa Valley

The Napa Valley is one of America's top tourist destinations and also home to some of the finest wines the country has ever produced. Home to over 400 wineries, five towns and 16 sub-appellations the valley is bursting with diversity and personality and this is evident in the array of wines that the Napa Valley produces, most famously their Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Each appellations' unique viticulture is what gives distinct taste to their wines, giving every Napa Valley wine their own unique flare.